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Winter Semester 2013/2014
Master Seminar: „Cyber-Physical Systems”

Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) combine digital internet services and embedded systems which supervise and control physical processes with sensors and actuators in engines and installations. CPS enable advanced system functions and new business models. For example in the seminar “Cyber-Physical Systems“ nine students analyze the state of research in the area of currently much discussed interdisciplinary issues referred to the scenario ”Smart Mobility“.



Summer Semester 2013
Specialized Module “IT-based services in the electromobility“

In this specialized module IT-based services of electric mobility students get to know the interesting and ambitious field of electric mobility from a service perspective. The fundamental concepts of electric mobility and service research are introduced in the lectures. The specialized module especially focuses on the IT-based decision support of eCar batteries’ reuse and the establishment of an area-wide loading infrastructure for electric vehicles.  The seminar content is orientated on these two core topics which will be considered from a technical, economic and socio-economic perspective, e.g. concerning the analysis of data structures and application scenarios of a recycling pass for eCar batteries, the cost-effectiveness consideration of loading infrastructures or researching incentive systems of Crowdsourcing concepts.

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